About Us

Our Mission

Graph It Forward Today (GIFT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to creating educational opportunities for high school students nationwide. It is our mission to give essential educational tools to students limited not by ability, but by means. With graphing calculators costing approximately $100 and test prep books and services economically out of reach, lower income students cannot experience the enormous lift that these resources provide. Giving this access to students in need provides equal opportunity for all.

Access to online test prep services, graphing calculators, and prep books helps disadvantaged students improve their performance, confidence, and potential on both standardized tests and in advanced high school math and science courses. Standardized tests are a key component for college acceptance, financial aid and scholarships.

Your donation today empowers the scientists, teachers, doctors, and engineers of tomorrow.



Our Approach

We aim to provide the tools for academic success to deserving, college-bound students in need. Used calculators and test prep books mailed to GIFT today will be in the hands of a student before the next standardized test date. Changing a life has never been simpler. For more information on sending us calculators or test prep books, see our Ways to Help  page.

As part of our commitment, WilsonDailyPrep offers the educational content of its online services to deserving yet underprivileged students. These tools help students achieve their dreams of higher education and upward mobility.

Don't have a calculator, test prep materials, and you are not a student?   Please consider making a monetary donation, so a student today can have a chance tomorrow.