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If you are a college bound junior preparing for the SAT or ACT and do not have the financial means for test prep services, GIFT wants to help. Having access to a quality test prep course can help you score to your potential on these important exams.  We provide SAT and ACT tutoring through the WilsonDailyPrep SAT and ACT programs.  You can expect a score increase after actively participating in the program for a minimum of three months.  

To apply for one of our test prep scholarships, download the Test Prep Scholarship Application form. You will receive access to our online test prep services and will become a part of our Adopt-a-student program, which enables students to tell their story.  Click here for more details.   

Once you have actively participated in GIFT’s online test prep program for three months, we will send you a refurbished graphing calculator (yours to keep!) along with an instruction sheet that will teach you how to use your calculator. GIFT wants to help you excel in all areas of math and science. A graphing calculator is essential to score to the best of your ability on college admission tests and in your math and science classes.

To apply for GIFT’s Test Prep Scholarship, print and complete the application, and either email it to or mail the application to the address below.  Please note that a teacher recommendation is required.

Graph It Forward Today
480 Bedford Road
Chappaqua, NY  10514