Q: What’s a graphing calculator?

A: A graphing calculator allows students to type in an equation and see it graphed on an x,y axis. It allows students to graph equations that are too difficult and time consuming to produce by hand.

The most popular brands are Texas Instruments (TI-83 & 84), Hewlett Packard (HP-48g, 49g & 50g) and Casio (FX-9750). There are other brands and models.

Q: How is eligibility determined when students request services from Graph It Forward?

A: WilsonDailyPrep, a nationally recognized online test prep company and GIFT’s principal sponsor, is working with educational foundations, administrators, and educators to identify students and school districts in need of these tools. Students who receive scholarships are motivated, college-bound, and receive school lunch vouchers.

Q: Is Graph It Forward a non-profit organization?

A: Graph It Forward Today is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is principally funded by Laura Wilson, founder and creator of the online test prep company, WilsonDailyPrep.com.