Why is GIFT needed?

Imagine looking across the aisle on test day and watching other students plug in numbers on their graphing calculators, while you're forced to perform complicated calculations by hand. Imagine knowing that most, if not all, of these students had access to SAT preparation classes and books. Imagine how futile it seems, staring at your test, knowing you're competing against kids who have had so many more educational resources at their disposal. We know you would be saying to yourself, "How can this be fair?"

The answer: IT'S NOT.

WilsonDailyPrep, an online test preparation company, understands the severe restrictions imposed by limited socio-economic opportunity, and the ramifications of these restrictions on a child's future education. As GIFT's lead sponsor, WilsonDailyPrep is at the forefront, helping lower income students to overcome these challenges.

National and state assessments strongly recommend the use of graphing calculators. At a cost of approximately $100, many underprivileged students are without the means and are at a startling disadvantage. The current standardized tests as well as Common Core Curriculum are designed such that use of graphing calculators will increase speed and accuracy as well as address the complexity of the math problems. WilsonDailyPrep has seen firsthand that the use of graphing calculators, test prep and tutoring can significantly increase SAT and ACT scores. Higher test scores not only open doors to a broader range of colleges but can also play a large role in determining financial aid packages.

Something as small as passing along a used calculator and a test prep book can have a positive, lasting impact on a student's life.


Founder’s Story

As an educator and test preparation expert, I have found that students choose to excel when given opportunities. While working with inner city students in Miami, I stressed the importance of arriving at the SAT prepared. “Bring your calculators, extra batteries, extra erasers, tissues…” One student, Allison, raised her hand and asked, “What should I do if I can’t afford a graphing calculator?”

Her words left me speechless. Why had I never realized this? I became outraged at the inequities within our educational system. And, as a part of this educational system, I knew that it was my responsibility to empower students to reach their potential by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. That day was my call to action.

Just as my students continue to inspire me, I hope to inspire you to take a simple action and make an immediate impact on a student's life.

Changing a life is as easy as donating your used calculators and test prep books. Please, help spread the word!


Laura Wilson
Founder, Graph It Forward Today
President, WilsonDailyPrep